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Welcome. This collection of articles is hand-picked to provide actionable advice, useful insight, or practical tools and techniques for startup founders. If you are a founder, or you want to become one, this collection is for you. It contains the kind of advice that we wish we'd had when we got started with startups, years ago. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

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Which metrics do Valley investors tend to check first? [a16z.com]
Disrupt or compete [blog.innosight.com]
Estimating your market size from non-technical sources [valuechaingeneration.com]
How you grow affects your defensibility [paulbennetts.postach.io]
Hidden cofounders [techcrunch.com]
True ecosystems [blog.foundercentric.com]
The fatal pinch [paulgraham.com]
The psychology of a VC, and how to take advantage of it [venturebeat.com]
I don't know [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Advice for ambitious 19-year olds [blog.samaltman.com]
The idea funnel [medium.com]
Antilogs: How To Draw The Right Lesson Learned
Non-violent communication [firstround.com]
Coding isn’t easy, but it is learnable [medium.com]
More about NDAs [medium.com]
Building international relationships [medium.com]
Take pleasure in the journey [blog.asmartbear.com]
How to ask for introductions [blog.eladgil.com]
Where does the customer's story actually begin? [insideintercom.io]
The choices we make when we build startups [joel.is]
Lumosity spiked active users through complexity, not simplicity [firstround.com]
Good looking emails are killing your customer conversations [medium.com]
Customer Development is not a Focus Group [steveblank.com]
How to work as a CEO/COO team [joel.is]
An easy way to increase startup success rates [www.forbes.com]
Mutual Respect and the barking of dogs
Read advice in between the lines [dcurt.is]
Don't let me know how I can help [letsworkshop.com]
Count your fingers [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Guide to customer growth [growthhackers.com]
Firing yourself, again and again [joel.is]
Four misconceptions about Lean startup [experiencinginformation.wordpress.com]
What to look for when picking a VC [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Definition of Product Market Fit [www.svproduct.com]
Toxic investment [medium.com]
Balance in the startup life [scott.a16z.com]
Thorough guide to scalable link-building the right way [moz.com]
Don't build a product without validation [pando.com]
Why new features usually flop [insideintercom.io]
Do you really need investment? [blog.woorank.com]
Running a business vs building a product [blog.eladgil.com]
Money and wealth
Perils of founder fighting [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Why most VCs give bad advice [blog.venturelynx.com]
Pick a goal [blog.kirigin.com]
How to get users through business partnerships [brianbalfour.com]
How boards need to evolve over time [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
The law of averages [blog.bufferapp.com]
Growth vs Capital Efficiency [versiononeventures.com]
More on thinking small [joel.is]
Learn to think big and small [www.gabrielweinberg.com]
The real use of money is to buy freedom [paraschopra.com]
Investment increases your risk
Tech founder's guide for picking a non-tech founder [onstartups.com]
Three modern organisational structures [medium.com]
Don't reinvent management [startupmanagement.org]
Why transparent salaries make sense [blog.granttree.co.uk]
Developing a good culture takes constant vigilance
Embrace the desire to make money
Friends, Family and Fools: the worst investors
Understanding your competitors [insideintercom.io]
Hardware startups and quality [marcbarros.com]
Sales or die [spencerfry.com]
Ring the freaking cash register [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Three kinds of games
Will you make it past being a founder? [marcbarros.com]
The cost of funding may be your freedom [kirill.io]
Startup advice by Sam Altman [blog.samaltman.com]
Startup founders vs Entrepreneurs
Max Levchin's hiring tips [firstround.com]
How to learn to program without going on a £1,000 training course
All startup advice is wrong? [medium.com]
More about pricing books [sachagreif.com]
Four pricing principles [insideintercom.io]
Sometimes, failure is your best option [www.feld.com]
Corrosive Acquihires [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Stop looking for a cofounder [www.openforum.com]
Taking the leap
Ultimate guide to dropshipping [ecommerce.shopify.com]
Zombie Startups [www.daniellemorrill.com]
Shutting down blaster.fm [joshsharp.com.au]
Email-first startups [ryanhoover.me]
B2B SaaS growth techniques [blog.kissmetrics.com]
What should you do if an experienced mentor tells you it's a bad idea? [steveblank.com]
If you ever feel alone in this... [bubs.co]
What could go wrong? [leostartsup.com]
Transparency in startups [cristinajcordova.com]
The truth about a failing startup [pastebin.com]
Sales comes out of who you genuinely are
More about side projects and creativity [blog.rocketr.com]
Hiring well is hard [blog.favour.it]
Your top 3 challenges [joel.is]
Perspective [dcurt.is]
A moral obligation to society? [burakkanber.com]
Start something small [joel.is]
Modern mass marketing techniques [www.startupremarkable.com]
Side projects [andrewdumont.me]
A design for each budget [blog.folyo.me]
Leading indicators of engaged users [www.richardprice.io]
Build relationships, don't send PR releases [onstartups.com]
Working over capacity [www.gabrielweinberg.com]
Dealing with conflicts in your business [onstartups.com]
Hair of the dog [techcrunch.com]
Dropping out for a startup [joel.is]
Only work on single-miracle startups [blog.eladgil.com]
Idea stagnation [noahpinionblog.blogspot.co.uk]
Business Model Environment [www.saintsal.com]
Surviving and thriving in a two-sided market [blog.intercom.io]
What goes wrong with startups [www.foundersatwork.com]
Standing out as a marketing strategy [www.virool.com]
Civilisation, productivity, and choice [sethgodin.typepad.com]
Doing more by doing less
How to hire a salesperson [blog.filepicker.io]
Startups and growth rate [paulgraham.com]
Start charging right away [influencehacks.com]
SaaS pricing model and revenue [www.kalzumeus.com]
The Fool on the Hill, with commentary
Pricing experiments [conversionxl.com]
Fighting online fraud [www.binpress.com]
B2B is so unsexy?
What's the use of stories that aren't even true?
Outbound VC dialing [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
All content is marketing [blog.intercom.io]
Dispelling the overnight success myth [joel.is]
Judging people based on grammar [blogs.hbr.org]
How to hack the beliefs that are holding you back
Focus and myopia [onstartups.com]
Ramen profitability and long-term, sustainable profitability [blog.asmartbear.com]
How VC firms are managed [jtangovc.com]
The value of time, or not [jackg.org]
Entreporn: learning vs doing vs wasting time
Startup jobs [michaelochurch.wordpress.com]
Don't answer questions, tell a story [blog.rocketr.com]
The myth of the serial entrepreneur
Recruiting in the Valley: the recruiter honeypot [www.ewherry.com]
Don't register your idea as a company [joel.is]
No risk to startups? [www.instigatorblog.com]
How to run an evening event [lanyrd.com]
Swinging for the fences [danshipper.com]
Entrepreneurship is the safest career
Why VCs lie [acrowdedspace.com]
When do you kill your startup? [ryancarson.com]
"Of course, this company is for sale" [www.danshapiro.com]
Customer churn and engagement [blog.intercom.io]
What kind of startup should you copy? [thenextweb.com]
Peter Thiel: Founder as Victim, Founder as God [blakemasters.tumblr.com]
Selling your company doesn't make you happy [ryancarson.com]
Startup risks
Different types of risk [cdixon.org]
Charging multinationals $150/m [www.inc.com]
You should probably send more email than you do [www.kalzumeus.com]
Stop asking how they'll make money [andrewchenblog.com]
The SaaS market in Japan [www.makeleaps.jp]
Cheap startup advertising [onstartups.com]
Cyclical tools [farmerandfarmer.org]
Why pitches fail [venturehacks.com]
Comic books and web pages [www.uxbooth.com]
The mid-size market [blog.asmartbear.com]
Perspective on the billion-dollar exit [smalldogsbigdogs.tumblr.com]
How to increase user engagement [blog.intercom.io]
The bastards book of Ruby [ruby.bastardsbook.com]
How to generate startup ideas [wesleytansey.com]
Cold calling versus AdWords [blog.asmartbear.com]
How to scale a development team [adam.heroku.com]
The right kind of ambition [bhorowitz.com]
The salesman and the developer
Bootstrapping and knowing how to make things [thestartuptoolkit.com]
Eleven compelling startup pitch archetypes [www.jasonshen.com]
Advisors: stop screwing startups [learntoduck.net]
The Startup resume [justinkan.com]
Advice for dealing with journalists [randfishkin.com]
Building a viable business in 4 months [www.reddit.com]
Why I won't sign your NDA [blog.jpl-consulting.com]
Startup Skill Set #6: The Startup Manager
Never negotiate piecemeal [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Criticism and two-way streets [blog.intercom.io]
Successful people are successful
Frighteningly ambitious startup ideas [paulgraham.com]
Why VCs do what they do [www.danshapiro.com]
What being on the front page of HN will do for you [37signals.com]
Don't ask customers what they'll pay: tell them [blog.spark59.com]
How to hire a programmer [www.codinghorror.com]
Sad, tired and alone - or not [zakhomuth.com]
How to choose a cofounder [blog.eladgil.com]
You can't apply startup methods blindly [steveblank.com]
Bait and switch acquisition offers [venturebeat.com]
Modafinil and startups
Should you learn to code? [eu.techcrunch.com]
A simple point that shouldn't need to be made [cdixon.org]
People will do what they want to do [javlaskitsystem.se]
Time management for startups [hackfwd.tumblr.com]
Detailed case study of validating a project idea [thestartuptoolkit.com]
Paid iPhone apps vs in-app purchases [www.tonywright.com]
To raise or not to raise [stu.mp]
Look for opportunities rather than ideas
Is it the right idea? [paraschopra.com]
How designers and developers can work together [mattgemmell.com]
Using advisors to raise money [www.kernelmag.com]
Management is a support function [www.avc.com]
Process cults [al3x.net]
How to create your own video [blog.kissmetrics.com]
Acquiring startups for a living [www.softwarebyrob.com]
Tough choices
You don't need a million dollars
The startup skill set
Is your MVP really an MVP? [22ideastreet.com]
Public speaking for normal people [www.humbledmba.com]
How to develop your fund-raising strategy [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Terrifying uncertainty [blog.asmartbear.com]
How to get actionable data from Google Analytics [blog.kissmetrics.com]
Premature design optimisation [blog.intercom.io]
How to: track your expenses (UK)
Idea reach and the cofounder myth
The "Army of One" entrepreneur
How to: deal with your Corporation Tax (UK)
Stop looking for a cofounder [sachagreif.com]
The processes that drive your business
Unintentional plagiarism - your ideas belong to everyone
Startup skills vs startup ideas
How to: register a company in the UK
Horizontal vs vertical products [www.joelonsoftware.com]
The one-minute entrepreneur
Who is swombat.com for?
Questorming: exploring the unknown unknowns
Accounting 101 for US startups [blog.capography.com]
Creating serendipity by hanging out in the right places [thestartuptoolkit.com]
Recruiting programmers to your startup [cdixon.org]
Mocked and misunderstood [www.avc.com]
How to become a must-have [smartfaststartup.com]
What is your definition of "success" as an entrepreneur?
Failing in a unique and interesting way is hard
Let your team speak! [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Time-saving web design generators [www.awcore.com]
Getting over the fear of being someone
What is a startup?
The zero-cost entrepreneur
A startup escape path
The messy art of UX sketching [uxdesign.smashingmagazine.com]
Building a great design and throwing it away [500.co]
Productised services: #3: The best of both worlds
Productised services: #2: Services companies
Should you pay to pitch your startup? [www.betabeat.com]
When do you throw in the towel on a struggling project? [viniciusvacanti.com]
Productised services: #1: Product companies
Creating a great case study [blog.kissmetrics.com]
Three types of acquisitions [cdixon.org]
Taking notes to supercharge your learning
Startup sales: #7: Lead generation depends on people
Startup sales: #6: Pre-qualification and triage
Investment as a cushion or a springboard
Picking technologies on the right side of history
Startup sales: #5: Follow-up meetings
Taking responsibility
Startup sales: #4: Make it easier to say yes than no
Hand to wannabe "product guys" [techcrunch.com]
Startup sales: #3: Cut out steps you don't need
How to reply to an angel investor intro [blog.eladgil.com]
Startup sales: #2: Sell at every step
How to find a business cofounder that doesn't suck [www.humbledmba.com]
Startup sales: #1: Map your sales process
The obvious, the easy and the possible [37signals.com]
Startup gung-ho
Starting up in a recession
Sleeping hard and working under your desk [www.jwz.org]
Experienced entrepreneurs preserve equity [dealbook.nytimes.com]
Term sheet negotiations [permanentrecord.firstround.com]
Driving, and the art of running a business
Kapil Kale's underground guide to PR for startups [www.giftrocket.com]
Think small, be specific [sahillavingia.com]
Retention and startup context [blog.thestartuptoolkit.com]
Choosing a Minimum Viable Cofounder [onstartups.com]
Networking in the middle [blog.favo.rs]
The CEO should personally email the first 1000 signups [blog.thestartuptoolkit.com]
Dropping out is probably not for you [jacquesmattheij.com]
Gabriel Weinberg on raising VC money [www.gabrielweinberg.com]
People, processes and tools
Product vs Business vs Company [www.avc.com]
Convertible Debt [www.feld.com]
Startups and icebergs [blog.intercom.io]
Dilution infographic [bothsides.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com]
Focus on one thing [blog.asmartbear.com]
Startups need a strong vision [blog.intercom.io]
Investor tricks to mess with valuations [www.theprivateequiteer.com]
Three years to build a business? [jacquesmattheij.com]
How to explore and develop a business idea [www.fourhourworkweek.com]
Habits of effective startup mentors [theleanstartupmachine.com]
Don't shut up [www.businessinsider.com]
Are you building the right product? [techcrunch.com]
The steep startup learning curve [viniciusvacanti.com]
Reckless risk-taking [pud.com]
Use the tools you're displacing [thestartuptoolkit.com]
Commit to being an entrepreneur [onstartups.com]
Entrepreneurial sales lessons [onstartups.com]
How to evaluate founder exits [blog.eladgil.com]
Business plans? I've heard of them [www.danshapiro.com]
Avoid over-design [www.smashingmagazine.com]
Why blog? [www.gabrielweinberg.com]
SEOmoz's funding story [randfishkin.com]
Don't build a swiss-army knife product [contrast.ie]
Selling dirt takes skill [shadyacres.tumblr.com]
How to fire an executive [bhorowitz.com]
How to survive a due diligence [www.jacquesmattheij.com]
5 reasons to sell your startup [blog.eladgil.com]
The terrible costs of patents [techcrunch.com]
The copywriting difference [bvckup.tumblr.com]
37Signals' alternative option [37signals.com]
Paths and deterministic design [bhargreaves.com]
Silence [wisdom.tenner.org]
Even Steve Jobs does it [blog.snapengage.com]
Setting up your accounting system [www.feld.com]
Making all the decisions yourself [www.stephenwolfram.com]
Grow first and make money later? [andrewchenblog.com]
Phantom user profiles for non-registered users [www.avc.com]
Government grants [www.avc.com]
The (un)importance of design [blog.asmartbear.com]
Launching too soon? [housefed.tumblr.com]
Working for a no-shot startup [thestartupfoundry.com]
Notes on raising seed money [cdixon.org]
How to give software demos [www.betabeat.com]
Successful entrepreneurs find a way [lederhosenlabs.com]
If you build it, they won't come [tbbuck.com]
Sell the emotional benefits first [thestartupfoundry.com]
Signup page conversions 101 [blog.lessmeeting.com]
Giving advice [www.humbledmba.com]
How to deal with massive technological disruption [ownlocal.com]
How to find a designer [www.attackofdesign.com]
Three traffic triage questions [insight.io]
Friends and Family financing [www.avc.com]
Elad Gil's engineer hiring process [blog.eladgil.com]
The 90/10 rule [vincentjordan.com]
Cheapium instead of Freemium [jaredbrown.me]
Show it doesn't work [thenextweb.com]
Be specific in your requests [www.humbledmba.com]
Your product is not the product [www.ashmaurya.com]
Is there a peak age for entrepreneurship? [techcrunch.com]
Questions to ask a VC [rajibedi.tumblr.com]
Join a startup after graduating? [estromberg.com]
The born-again entrepreneur
Classic startup mistakes [www.foundora.com]
Dealing with micro-burn-out [blog.asmartbear.com]
Giving discounts impacts your brand [www.readwriteweb.com]
A golden opportunity, or not [www.bubblefoundry.com]
Play/life balance [gbayer.com]
Work hard and get lucky [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Product scope: where to draw the line [contrast.ie]
Bootstrap marketing [spencerfry.com]
Random acts of violence
Paths to $5m [www.gabrielweinberg.com]
What does the business guy do pre-launch? [techcrunch.com]
Motivating your (technical) cofounder [findthetechguy.com]
Software contracting legal clauses [sealedabstract.com]
The head of X [www.feld.com]
Positioning and differentiation [hackfwd.tumblr.com]
VC funding approach breakdown [informationarbitrage.com]
Ideas and equity split [k9ventures.com]
Patrick McKenzie's work on the Fog Creek website [blog.fogcreek.com]
Startup or big company after university? [www.jeanhsu.com]
Startup vs Lifestyle Business [www.corbettbarr.com]
Read up on SEO and Link Building [blog.kissmetrics.com]
Don't solve problems that you don't have [www.humbledmba.com]
Whatever works, works [paulbuchheit.blogspot.com]
How to find and recruit a killer advisory board [blog.earbits.com]
A system for following up after conferences [baydin.com]
Business storytelling [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
The right funding strategy [informationarbitrage.com]
Old and new ideas [john.a16z.com]
4 steps to starting a startup [joel.is]
Beware the Maximum Viable Product [informationarbitrage.com]
How to email busy people [www.humbledmba.com]
The startup founder dropout lie [www.bandwidthblog.com]
More on splitting equity 50/50 or not [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Start-up vs consulting vs corporate vs all three [vladlokshin.com]
How realistic should your icons/symbols be? [www.uxmag.com]
Getting users for your new startup [pud.com]
What sort of entrepreneur are you anyway?
Always drill down to fundamental metrics [visualwebsiteoptimizer.com]
What is your brand? [savagethoughts.com]
How to stop startups from failing in 4 common ways [blog.eladgil.com]
Best practices for raising a VC round [cdixon.org]
How to build and maintain momentum [the99percent.com]
How to start a startup [paulgraham.com]
VisualMess guide to design [www.visualmess.com]
Use good copywriting to reduce customer support load [blog.idonethis.com]
Finding a great startup advisor [www.humbledmba.com]
Never say "no", but rarely say "yes" [blog.asmartbear.com]
Don't wait to work on exciting ideas [www.gabrielweinberg.com]
Getting into a startup right after university [www.jeanhsu.com]
Services vs Product business [techcrunch.com]
Using LinkedIn for Cold Calling [mygengo.com]
Questions asked at YC interviews [www.hyperinkpress.com]
Advice for a young entrepreneur [www.stubbleblog.com]
What should you bring a "business guy" on for? [www.softwarebyrob.com]
How to get a job at a startup if you aren't a developer [estromberg.com]
How to rely on other businesses
Startup failure and startup mediocrity [onstartups.com]
Principles of pitching
How to choose a domain name [www.thenameinspector.com]
Joel Spolsky's method for splitting shares in a startup [answers.onstartups.com]
Anything worth copying will be copied [blog.kissmetrics.com]
How to keep your sanity during launches [sprouter.com]
How to find startup ideas that make money [paraschopra.com]
Corporations and companies are a responsibility [heyhamza.com]
More about finding cofounders [www.quora.com]
Where to find a business partner [sharedstatus.com]
Gabriel Weinberg's startup advice flowchart [www.gabrielweinberg.com]
How to interview developers [devinterviews.pen.io]
Your job as a CEO [blog.eladgil.com]
Online advertising for bootstrapped startups [onstartups.com]
How to cold-pitch news sites [viniciusvacanti.com]
How to evaluate a non-technical cofounder [blog.hirelite.com]
A great cold email to an angel [www.davidgcohen.com]
How to optimise facebook campaigns [insight.io]
How to raise a Series A round [blog.eladgil.com]
Hustling your first $25k of seed money [www.avc.com]
The MicroPreneur Manifesto [changethis.com]
Fit your product to the right market
Put together effective designs quickly [codefastdieyoung.com]
Go for the win-win situations [blog.favo.rs]
Designing your sign-up pages [www.contrast.ie]
On being an early startup employee [www.jamesyu.org]
Failing faster [andrewbadr.com]
Principles for designing and deploying internet-scale services [www.usenix.org]
Let the acquirer name a price [www.theglobeandmail.com]
The large company sales cycle [blog.favo.rs]
Should you turn into a hacker to do a startup? [pragmaticstartup.wordpress.com]
Tools to find available startup domain names [blog.kashflow.com]
Pick a fight with the incumbent [www.wepay.com]
Anatomy of the long sales letter [visualwebsiteoptimizer.com]
Are startups 10x cheaper than ten years ago?
How to find a technical cofounder [www.jeffreytalajic.com]
What are the best metrics? [andrewchenblog.com]
How to deliver an elevator pitch [dondodge.typepad.com]
Kevin McDonagh on: How to attend a conference
Solving the chicken and egg problem [viniciusvacanti.com]
Sell the dream, not the job [informationarbitrage.com]
Paulina Sygulska on: How to network effectively
How to sell your company [jacquesmattheij.com]
Send your (wrong-fit) customers to your competitors [understanding.uservoice.com]
How many VCs should you have? [techcrunch.com]
Iqbal Gandham on: Generating B2B and B2C leads systematically
Getting feedback on your prototype [blog.paperbuff.com]
Cash vs Equity compensations [blog.asmartbear.com]
Jacques Mattheij on: Networking without going places
How to use Business Development in a startup [www.slideshare.net]
How to get Facebook marketing to work [www.readwriteweb.com]
How to develop disruptive ideas [mashable.com]
How to choose your startup idea [blog.amirkhella.com]
What's the most important question? [swombat.com]
How to become an online influencer [mashable.com]
Launch within 6 weeks, as a non-developer [www.limedaring.com]
Venture capital basics [www.vcic.unc.edu]
Working smarter in a startup [startingup.is]
Stealth mode startups [www.humbledmba.com]
Can you build a great tech firm outside of Silicon Valley? [techcrunch.com]
Attention infrastructure vs fundamental businesses [blog.garrytan.com]
Seeing opportunities, and missing them [news.ycombinator.com]
Appsumo's failed A/B tests [visualwebsiteoptimizer.com]
Visual dashboards for startups [blog.gengo.com]
Who owns the rights to the stuff you do in your spare time? [answers.onstartups.com]
Merchant accounts, or Paypal [www.softwarebyrob.com]
How to choose a business partner [sharedstatus.com]
You are your first investor [startingup.is]
Internalising and externalising success and failure [www.whattofix.com]
How to use metrics in a startup
Don't let your rock stars do the customer support [understanding.uservoice.com]
User activity streams and cohort metrics [blog.500startups.com]
Being your own boss means taking responsibility [thesash.me]
Four kinds of entrepreneurial contexts [steveblank.com]
How to get your first 1,000 users [viniciusvacanti.com]
Lean Startup Machine learnings [www.startuplessonslearned.com]
Consulting company accounting [blog.asmartbear.com]
Your idea is worthless in finding a cofounder [go-to-hellman.blogspot.com]
How to use sales people in startups [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Why it's hard to find technical cofounders [andrewchenblog.com]
Hangups about making money [www.sebastianmarshall.com]
Attention seeking for startups [www.telegraph.co.uk]
Don't underestimate simple ideas [williamwilkinson.com]
Dangerous data for startups [blog.chart.io]
Traffic sources have a half-life [www.softwarebyrob.com]
Don't seek product feedback from friends [blog.500startups.com]
Analysis of 32 startup post-mortems [foundersblock.com]
Starting out? clone threewords.me [www.gabrielweinberg.com]
Power blogging hour: an approach to startup blogs [mygengo.com]
Increasing email capture conversion rate [visualwebsiteoptimizer.com]
Formula for elevator pitches [blog.500startups.com]
Freemium: make the cheapskates pay [onstartups.com]
Should you really be a startup entrepreneur? [techcrunch.com]
Product/market fit vs profitability [wensing.tumblr.com]
Dangers of data visualisation [www.contrast.ie]
Winding down a startup [informationarbitrage.com]
Soapboxes not optional in the startup business [news.ycombinator.com]
When to sell your company [bhorowitz.com]
Beginner's guide to landing pages [blog.kissmetrics.com]
A/B testing product price [visualwebsiteoptimizer.com]
Build, polish, polish, polish [blog.oscardelben.com]
Meetup's "bet-the-company" moment [37signals.com]
How to set up meetings with customers, investors, mentors, ... [viniciusvacanti.com]
How to do "forgotten password" pages [blog.objectivedigital.com]
A starting point for better networking [blog.assetmap.com]
How to use PR firms at startups [www.bothsidesofthetable.com]
Self-employed vs business owners [sivers.org]
Bootstrapping on the side [joel.is]
Use your competitors' marketing budget for your campaigns [insight.io]
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