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The idea funnel  

Great, solid post by Stef Lewandowski explaining in some details how he goes about how to create lots of projects and then filter them down to a few working projects (an idea which I explored in this post, but which he seems to have taken to the next level!):

This last eighteen months, I've deliberately tried to go for a strong idea, loosely held approach-to allow myself to be open to lots of things, and to not be too convinced that they will definitely be right. The strategy was to try out many tiny ideas at an early stage, do a series of quick prototypes, play with them, often in public, and then invest in the ones that looked the most promising as the beginnings of digital businesses.

We're at something of an inflection point in the process now, where three "winners" have emerged from the cohort and have the potential to turn into fully-fledged "startups" in their own right. That's Attending, Wrangler and Hire My Friend. We also have made a few lovely little things that have a fair degree of usage but aren't clearly startup material-Linkydink, for example.

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