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Hacker News transparency  

dang, HN's new official moderator:

Right! Let me try to set you at ease, at least a little. Yes, we will make an effort to make moderation more transparent.


there's no one on the team arguing for secrecy. The question is not whether to be more transparent, but how.

Great to see! That's a move in the right direction. I completely understand that the previous... opacity... was due to Paul Graham not having the bandwidth to deal with HN properly - but the result was the same: an arbitrary, fickle, un-transparent, unpredictable community site that feels like it's at the whim of a mostly benevolent dictator.

This new move is a great step forward towards making HN worth continuing to invest time in, imho. I know a number of old HN regulars who stepped away because they were frustrated by the secrecy of the moderation. Perhaps this will bring them back.

Either way, good luck to the new team!

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