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Why new features usually flop  

I've experienced this on my previous startup, Woobius. Once the initial feature set has been built, launching new features is tricky. They are soon forgotten, and left mostly unused, and then the dev team is focusing on the next feature that needs to be launched (and forgotten), etc...

Luckily, here's a great guide by Des Traynor of Intercom that provides some clear, actionable tips for how to better launch new features to an existing product.

The thing is, unless customers use a feature it may as well not exist. This is often forgotten in the rush to ship fast, it's not just about shipping code to servers, or checking boxes on a roadmap, it's about getting your software used. So before you ship that next feature, ask yourself these questions…

The key questions:

  1. Will everyone see and understand it?
  2. Are you showing users what you did, or what they can do?
  3. Are you announcing it in context?
  4. How will tomorrow's signups hear about it?
  5. Do you plan to follow-up with users and non-users?

The full article is well worth a read.

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