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Will you make it past being a founder?  

Great article by Marc Barros. From my own current experience, it is a hard transition:

Being a CEO is a very different role. Still the visionary and champion of culture, they are the ultimate leader. Yes a founder is a leader, but this type of leadership is not the same thing. What works as a founder to lead by example, has the opposite effect when you are the CEO. Leading not by doing, but by inspiring, enabling, and holding people accountable. Everyone has a slightly different definition, but I have found the following to be key areas of focus.

My most important and foremost principle over the last year is: delegate everything you possibly can. It's the only way to survive and create the time and space you need to think.

Marc's article is full of advice that resonates with me. Worth a read if you're lucky enough to be in this tricky situation!

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