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Stop looking for a cofounder  

Dave Lerner:

Even without a co-founder, you can acquire skills and employ powerful tools to get to a minimum viable product all by your lonesome. In fact, it's so easy and accessible, there really is no excuse not to. Imagine how powerful this is. You can generate a massive amount of value before even thinking about having to dilute your equity. Ironically, this is actually the best way to find co-founders, early employees and investors — just get a real business up and running by yourself!

I think "I just need a cofounder to get started" ranks up there with "I just need $100k to get started" in the list of invalid excuses and pretexts for delays.

Get started. You're most likely going to fail for a while, and eventually start succeeding. Some of those ventures will be with a cofounder, and others will be alone. If you can't implement an idea by yourself, and you don't know that person well enough yet, and you can't afford to hire that person, then the idea you're thinking of is out of your idea reach. Pick another idea.

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