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How to run an evening event  

Ellen De Vries and Nathalie Down from Lanyrd have put together a solid article for anyone looking to run an event.

Running an event is the sort of thing that is easy (or at least a relatively known quantity) once you've done it a few times, but can be very daunting when it's the first time you do it, so these tips will be very welcome for those who are thinking of doing it but don't have the experience yet.

Events can be a great way to promote your startup once it reaches a certain size, whether by promoting/organising an event on a related topic, or simply setting up an event focused on your startup's core business (this is obviously for older startups!).

Topics covered include why run an event, what to do before the event, when to have it, the best time of day, what venue to use, formats, getting speakers, promotion, sponsorship, setting up and making people feel at home during the event.

Read it here.

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