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I'm hiring

I'm allowing a very brief departure from the normal content of these posts to mention that my company, GrantTree, is hiring for a junior position.

I believe that this is a great job for someone looking to learn a whole lot more about the tech industry, to get an inside look into how many other companies operate, what makes them tick, how they make their profits, how they think about their products, etc. Moreover, it'll involve working with me and my cofounder, Paulina, on a business that is fast-growing and ambitious.

One of the key advantages of this role is that it can grow in three directions: sales, delivery (writing grants/etc), or management (operations, basically), depending on the person's preferences. Very few roles give you so much latitude to evolve. Paulina and I both believe that people should have the opportunity to develop personally through their work, and the role is crafted to deliver on this.

If you know (or are) someone junior, London-based or willing to move, who can work within an £18-22k starting salary (that will be revised upwards significantly every 6 months), this is a really great opportunity, much better, in my humble opinion, than the Accenture job I started with many years ago. More information here.

If you have any questions about the role, feel free to email me, of course.

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