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Time management for startups  

HackFwd offers some essential tips for time management when you're a startup founder:

  1. Know the difference between busy and productive: it doesn't matter if you're working hard, if that works won't be delivering results for your business.
  2. Know the value of your time: as an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to outsource time-consuming work that needs to be done but doesn't bring much value to your business. Use that freedom.
  3. Organise your contacts and calendar: this seems like the weaker advice on the list. I can't think of many cases where spending time organising your contacts is time well spent for a startup founder!
  4. Recognise your rhythms: Instead of assuming that every hour is equal, be aware that you have daily rhythms which mean that some hours each day will be more productive than others. Spend the productive, clear-minded hours on things that need them, and keep mindless tasks for mindless hours.
  5. "Scheduled maintenance": Everyone needs to recharge from time to time! Take holidays. I'd expand that to weekends, too - working 7 days a week every week will eventually burn you out.

Apart from number 3, those are all great tips. Full article here.

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