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To the space between failures!  

One of the most hilarious quote from the otherwise appalling Indiana Jones and the Lost Skull: "Where did they go? Space?" "Not into space. Into the space between spaces." Anyway, I digress.

Chris Dixon:

His main concern, he said, was: "What if we end up being the next MySpace instead of the next Facebook?".


Mainstream culture seems to depict startups as either being complete failures where everyone loses their shirts or else huge hits like Facebook. But the reality, as usual, lies in the middle: in 2010, according to Dow Jones, there were 522 venture-backed exits with a combined exit value of $53 billion - implying an average exit price of around $100M.

What's missing from this picture? How about all the many tens of thousands of small businesses that don't exit, or even exit for much smaller amounts, but still provide a comfortable level of income for their owners. Chris outlines the best reasons to work for a startup at the bottom:

The best thing about startups is you get to work with great people on interesting projects, and can be successful by conventional metrics, even if no one outside of tech has ever heard of you or what you've built. There's great stuff between failure and Facebook.

There's even more great stuff between failure and those VC-backed startups.

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