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Your top 3 challenges  

Joel Gascoigne:

After I realised that people genuinely want to help, a powerful habit I've developed is to always have in mind my top 3 challenges. (...) Having these three challenges easily to mind is super powerful. It means that if I happen to have the chance to meet someone, I can always get a lot of value, and make a good impression.

Sounds like a good thing to do. My three things (as of November, 2012)?

  • How can you tell when to start hiring? I feel like there is too much work already, but I'm currently waiting for our latest growth approach to prove itself before starting the hiring pump. Is that the right way, or should I look to hire now?
  • Is it even possible to build a team of only A players? How do you deal with the drudgery work that is inevitable in any service business?
  • How do you structure a business in such a way that it can exist, grow and thrive without its founders?

What are your three key questions? And who could help you answer them?

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