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Idea stagnation  

Noah Smith points out that the startup bubble can lead to stagnation of ideas:

I wonder if the Entrepreneurship Subculture isn't creating some unwarranted adverse effects. By putting entrepreneurs in such close and constant contact with each other, does the Subculture ferment creativity and cross-collaboration? Probably. But it also may inadvertently stifle creativity, by exactly the process that Steven Smith's research describes.

Noah suggests a solution: go on breaks, to the countryside or wherever is different from where you are. In his words, engineer a "change of context".

I can't disagree with that. Some of my best business ideas have occurred to me while floating about in the ocean or lying on a sunny beach. I wonder if that means I can claim my holidays as business expenses...

If you're stuck on a problem, going on a break is generally a good idea, but it's also a good idea if you're trying to generate ideas.

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