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How running a business changes who you are  

If you enjoyed my earlier article about Accenture before startups, check out this lengthy but excellent introspection by Hacker News favourite Patrick McKenzie.

In this piece, he talks about everything from the perspectives of corporate life versus running your own business, happiness, personal transformations, and so on. Here's a quote to whet your appetite:

After you have asked a CEO or two to coffee and not gotten your hand bitten off, you would be amazed how less scary "Say, why don't we have dinner together two weeks from now?" is. That could, possibly, have been the most important sentence of my life to date. She didn't put a contract on me, either.


My friends also tell me that I'm almost a different man these days than even two years ago. The most striking quote to me, from my best friend: "You look… healthy." Apparently the old day job was beating me down so thoroughly that I looked about as bad as I felt, and even on those days when I wasn't dog tired I walked with a bit of a stoop. These days, I even stand straighter. I think that is almost too convenient to be true, but hey, it's a story.

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