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Is there a peak age for entrepreneurship?  

One of our angel investors in Woobius started his first business after retiring. He then proceeded to build not one, but two successful construction-related businesses. Then he started investing, too. So much of entrepreneurship being a young man's game.

Perhaps because I'm 31 already, I don't think there's any age that stops you from being a successful entrepreneur. There are plenty of people who have started their first business late in life and done extremely well. In fact, according to the linked article by Adeo Ressi, being older seems to be an advantage, up to a point:

Older age has shown in the data to correlate with more successful entrepreneurs up to the age of 40, after which it has limited or no impact.

Conversely, I also think that you can get started very early - even before it's legal for you to do so. People like Mark Bao (18), Alex MacCaw (19, I think), and many others that I know on IRC and in other places, show that even very early in life, you can be a successful, driven entrepreneur.

In short:

  • Don't worry about age. Great entrepreneurs can get started at any age.
  • Don't underestimate people because they're too young or too old.
  • If you want to get started, just do it, don't underestimate yourself because of being too young or too old!
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