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How to build a strong network  

We've covered networking before. Here are some further tips, from Charlie O'Donnell, about how to take it to the next level - that is, go from simply networking to actively building a really strong and useful network.

Here are his tips summarised, but be sure to read the whole article for more detail:

  1. Be discerning; only build strong relations with good people.
  2. Get to know fewer people, better; you will get more out of fewer, stronger connections.
  3. Host an event; it's a great way to connect with many people at once.
  4. Share your hobbies; in other words, don't be afraid to have multiple non-work facets to your life.
  5. Rather than trying to connect with today's top 10, try to find those who will be the top 10 tomorrow.
  6. Don't be afraid to just reach out to people you want to meet.
  7. Be willing to move on if the other person doesn't seem to be that much into you; don't force awkward connections.
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