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Elad Gil's engineer hiring process  

For an early startup, I believe you have to be much more efficient than this ten-step process - and I'll cover my process for recognising technical talent in a later article - but as the company scales, you need to put in place hiring processes which work even with dozens or hundreds of employees. That's when "heavy" recruitment processes come in.

Here's Elad Gil's hiring process:

  1. Resumé screen
  2. Phone screen 1 - culture fit and "reasonable to set up a technical call"
  3. Phone screen 2 - engineering interview
  4. In person interviews
  5. Discuss the candidate
  6. Half to full day of work with the team
  7. "Beer test"
  8. Reference checks
  9. Offer
  10. Close

Have a read through the article for much more detail.

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