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4 steps to starting a startup  

Joel Gascoigne's four steps:

  1. Have an idea
  2. Cut it down
  3. Share the idea, get feedback
  4. Go with your gut

Of course, Joel gives a fair bit of detail about each step. Have a read, and then throw in the following points:

  • First of all, these steps are not sequential. The idea needs to keep evolving and mutating based on the feedback you receive. Don't let the idea become static.
  • Follow these tips from Paras Chopra if you want to increase your chances of actually making money.
  • The importance of getting feedback cannot be overstated. Feedback from potential customers and fellow entrepreneurs needs to happen throughout the whole process.
  • Once you think you're ready to get started, don't start by building code. Start by listing out your hypotheses.
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