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The startup founder dropout lie  

Worth repeating this point. Latest rehearsal is, unusually, by a student, Jason Adriaan:

There is something about a story about a young unqualified person that effortlessly makes millions that appeals to us in this industry. In fact it's very much like every Hollywood movie you've ever seen: some unlikely hero against all odds manages to come out on top in under 90 minutes. We all know it's a lie and that in real life things are a lot more complicated, but when it comes to the tech industry for some reason we buy the lie.

Some of the other points in this article are over-generalisations, but the the key point is correct: startups (the fast-growth, big-VC-investments kind) are largely a lottery, and unless you know your ticket is already a winner because you've just raised $20 million for your startup, dropping out of university is not a good idea.

Dropping out to work on someone else's startup is even worse an idea (you get all the downside and very little of the upside).

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