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How to optimise facebook campaigns  

Ilya Lichtenstein proposes some solid advice for running Facebook advertising campaigns. The highlights are:

  • Expect to start off losing money (and so run lots of smaller campaigns to tune and optimise them).
  • Cut low-performing ads after about 30 clicks, and invest more in high-performing ads.
  • A good CTR to aim is about 0.1%.
  • Expect CTR to slip over time due to saturation and banner blindness.
  • Use the reports help tighten your ads' focus.
  • Lower your bids until you find the sweet stop (and disregard suggested bids).
  • Once you've found profitable ads, scale up the spending, and look at foreign markets for extra-cheap traffic.

There are many more insights in the article. Read it if you want to learn how to get value out of this source of paid traffic.

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