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Don't let your rock stars do the customer support  

The UserVoice blog makes a good point here, that when it comes to customer support, you don't want an exceptional performance, you want a steady, reliable, friendly performance:

Here's what makes a good support person:

  1. A prompt response
  2. A friendly attitude
  3. A willingness to listen, understand, and think critically before responding


So as fun as they are, let's all stop looking for our very own Jack White and start enabling our team to make customers happy. That's what matters.

It's a reasonably point, but it's worth adding that rock stars have their uses in business too. The person who showcases your latest product in front of an audience of thousands should be a rock star, not a "prompt, friendly, listening" type.

And if you yourself are the inconsistent type who works until 8am and then doesn't answer emails for 2 days, make sure you join forces with someone more steady, rather than strangling the habits which give you your obsessive productivity.

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