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Hangups about making money  

An HN discussion about the benefit of "business guys" in startups gave rise to this interesting article by Sebastian Marshall, on the topic of making money. Sebastian makes a good point that what you want out of a "business guy" is an ability to make money, a knack for it, as he calls it.

Seb's article is a good read, as usual, and he suggests that the key component of a knack for making money, apart from hard work, persistence, and the usual suspects, is to not have any hangups about making money, to be willing to see a money-making opportunity anywhere.

Skills, drive, work hard, start without thinking too much… but especially kill off your hangups about getting money. You look at people with the knack for getting money, they killed off any hangups about getting money.

Entrepreneurs should definitely work to kill off any such hangups (because otherwise, they will kill your business). Or, join forces with someone who will happily exploit every money-making opportunity that lands the business's way. A business with hangups about making money is like a human being with hangups about breathing.

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