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Nokia is a startup: follow-up  

There have been a fair few interesting opinions about Nokia posted recently. I think it's worthwhile to follow up on the Nokia is a startup article earlier.

Now we can say that Nokia was a startup, and they got acquired, for $0. That was a quick exit. This may work out very well for them, and it's not, I believe, necessarily a bad move for Nokia, since there are a lot of synergies with the acquirer. And, like HP, Nokia may later break free and become independent again.

Basically, Nokia has thrown their lot in with WP7. If WP7 becomes the successful third leg of the iPhone/Android/??? triumvirate, Nokia will do well. If Blackberry successfully grabs that third spot, or the market is dominated by iPhone and Android, then Nokia will shrivel up and die. At this stage, it's a bold gamble.

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