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Entrepreneurs are cocky jerks? Erm, no.  

Here are a couple of articles, one of them by OmNom founder Justin Seeley trying to paint the average entrepreneur as, well, some kind of asshole.

The fact that we can't commit time and effort is one reason why entrepreneurs are called jerks. The other reason is because most of us are actually cocky jerks and embrace the title.

Justin goes on to highlight that entrepreneurs are usually poor, obsessed with a company that takes priority over everything else, and have no free time whatsoever.

Those are pernicious observations, because they appear true on the surface, and seem to somehow be connected to or justify what is simply unacceptable social behaviour.

I know quite a few entrepreneurs, both successful and unsuccessful. I have noticed zero positive correlation between an entrepreneur being successful and them being a jerk. If anything, some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know (some of whom I've known since before they were successful, and some of whom aren't successful yet but show great potential) are very nice, friendly, caring, sociable people who would never invite a business partner to review contracts during a date!

If you don't want a relationship while you're starting your company, that's your choice. I think it's a mistake, because you probably will need someone's support on the personal life side of things for the several years of fighting off hurricanes and tornadoes on the business side, but it's a fair choice. However, if you do have a relationship, or you're seeking one, get your priorities straight: people are more important than your startup. Chances are, they'll still be around long after your venture has failed and been forgotten by all.

You can't give your romantic partner all your time. Yes, you'll be busy, yes, you'll be obsessing about your startup. But when you're with someone you love, you should give them your undivided attention.

Otherwise, you are a jerk, but that's nothing to do with being an entrepreneur, successful or not.

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