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5 lessons about building apps  

Anthony Feint, the Australian founder of Task.fm shares five key lessons he's learned from his experience building apps:

  1. Stop adding features: each feature has a cost in complexity and customer support cost.
  2. Don't promise what you can't deliver: your priorities are ever shifting and unpredictable; promising things to customers who ask for them leads to disappointed customers, and even when you do deliver them they're never as important as they seemed while they were "hot".
  3. Communicate: if your app goes down, don't keep quiet about it, it's probably the worst thing you can do; let them know what's happening.
  4. Charge more: if your product is better than the competition, charge for that.
  5. Ignore the critics: don't waste time responding to overly harsh critics; they'll move on to something else.
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