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How to write a tech job ad  

Some good tips for how to write a good job ad for technical positions. In short:

  • Include a salary ballpark so you don't waste your and their time
  • Mention if you're comfortable with remote work (and try to make that a yes)
  • Don't require a degree, many great programmers don't have one
  • Emphasise that the job doesn't require more than 40 hours a week, so people with families apply too
  • Guarantee a response
  • Don't look like a recruitment agency
  • Off to train people up in a new language
  • Avoid "Rock star", "Ninja", "Guru", etc

I agree with all of them, except perhaps guaranteeing a response. I don't think that necessarily does much more than lead to extra workload on your part, in exchange for a small, vague, barely noticeable, fuzzy warm feeling in the applicant.

See also the discussion on HN for more suggestions.

For a good example of how to get it all completely wrong, see this good old article of mine.

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