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Should you really be a startup entrepreneur?  

Great read, by Mark Suster, about the difference between being an entrepreneur and being a VC. The description of being an entrepreneur is pretty spot on, and if you cannot read that story and think, "wow, ok, I'm alright with that", you probably shouldn't start your own business... yet... maybe...

The one thing that those "Entrepreneurship is scary" posts always miss is the progression in one's character. I am a very different person than who I was when I quit my safe Accenture job to jump into my first flaming disaster of a startup. Most entrepreneurs I've talked to agree that you learn a whole lot about both how to run a business, and about yourself, when you spend a few years running a startup.

I'd argue that most people who start startups aren't ready for them, at the beginning. They progress towards this Zen-like resistance to risk, stress, and rejection, but it takes a couple of years of constant terror to get there. So, even if you don't see yourself in that list of characteristics yet, it's probably enough if you think you might be able to see yourself there sometime in the next few years.

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