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Everyday web services for startups  

Here's an interesting list of 15 services that Robert Laing says translation service myGengo relies on every day:

  • ZenDesk as a support helpdesk
  • GetSatisfaction as a community support engine (free)
  • SendGrid for sending transactional emails
  • MailChimp for sending marketing mail shots
  • Apigee for wrapping, tracking and managing their API
  • String for managing localisations (free)
  • ExpressionEngine to manage the content on landing pages, homepage, blogs, etc
  • Chartbeat to track live user activity
  • Mint to track longer-term analytics faster than Google Analytics
  • PivotalTracker for project management and bug tracking (free)
  • Salesforce (strangely) for sales CRM
  • RightSignature to manage online signatures
  • Gotomeeting to hold meetings with multiple users and screensharing
  • Xero for accounts/bookkeeping
  • Dropbox for sharing and backing up files within the team

The list is useful as a source of ideas for things you currently do manually, or are planning to build yourself, and which you could perhaps outsource to focus on your core competencies. I'd add another item to the list:

  • Woobius Eye for working on visual stuff (e.g. designs) together. Works better than Gotomeeting for anything other than product demos.
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