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First time sales versus returning sales  

Rob Walling makes the following point about websites that sell software:

The #1 goal of your website is not to sell software. Not unless your purchase price is less than the "impulse" price point of around $20. If it's above this mark then most people will not buy on their first visit to your website.


Your goal should be to get first-time visitors to come back.

And not just come back, but have repeated, "confidence building" contact with your company or product. It's not your job to shove your $300 product down their throat on their first visit, but it is your job to convince them that coming back is worthwhile, and to help them overcome the four objections I listed above during the process.

Rob uses data from his own products to support this thesis, and suggests the following methods of getting first-time visitors to come back: get them to give you their email:

  1. Have a killer landing page that builds enough trust that they might give you their email.
  2. Give something away to entice them.
  3. Automate the follow-up
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