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What's wrong with european investors  

A very good summary of what's wrong with the attitude of some european investors. If you recognise yourself in part of this list, then you probably need to change.

I know you imagine our CEO twirling his fingers all day just waiting for your call or acceptance of a lunch invitation to talk about your idea. So it might depress you to hear that he is rather busy. To quote Yoda: Patience! Asking every second day does not help. A gentle reminder after four weeks of silence might be a good idea instead.

This arrogant attitude helps no one, and fails to recognise that investors are not the ones providing the rare value in the investor-entrepreneur duos. Money is fungible. Entrepreneurial talent is not. If investors turn up their noses at entrepreneurs, they will find the startups move to sunnier climes where they can get investor attention rather more quickly.

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