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Christmas reading list for startups  

Predictably, even startup bloggers take christmas off. As such, there is so far, shockingly, nothing new today that is worth linking to on swombat.com.

And yet, it is possible that out there some of you are still craving something to read. If so, here are some older and well known, but nevertheless excellent links that you might chew on as Christmas passes...

Getting Real - If you haven't read this yet, it is a must. 37Signals distilled much of their product development and marketing philosophy in this book. It is free online, and it is excellent through and through. A word of warning, though: 37Signals' approach may not suit all people or products.

Paul Graham's Essays - This collection of essays is one of the most valuable treasure troves of startup insight and wisdom on the web. Not all are about startups, but those which are are priceless.

Steve Pavlina's blog is filled with resources about personal development, as well as wealth creation. For most startup founders, work is not something that you do for 8 hours a day and then forget about in the evening. Work is an essential part of life, a fundamental building block of our personal development. Steve Pavlina covers many topics of interest from that perspective, and most of his articles (particularly the ones in the "best of" list on the left) are well worth reading.

Software By Rob has many articles of interest. I particularly recommend the series on startup marketing, listed in the right-hand-side sidebar.

Finally, this list of freely available programming books, posted on swombat.com a short while ago here, will take care of any of your remaining time over this holiday. Don't know how to program? You have no excuse now.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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