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Dealing with new ideas: sales-driven side projects  

Following on yesterday's article about the dangers of new ideas, this post presents a method for dealing with the natural need of developers and entrepreneurs to build new things:

We absolutely get that good developers aren't robots (not even founder and CTO, Jason Novek). They get burned out on the bigger projects (which is feeling all of us can relate to) and want to work on a small manageable project that can be completed in a few days. We want them to be able to take a break. So we have a reservoir of ideas for small products or self-contained features that our customers have asked for and agreed to pay money for right away.

For instance, one small side project that I put into our reservoir took one of our developers about four hours to build (the minimum viable product anyway). It will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue this year. Just to make sure we weren't wasting their time, we specced it out and actually sold it to a customer for $10,000 before we got going. Even if we only had that one client, it would have easily been worth it.

A good approach - once you have a working sales process.

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