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How to clone delicious in 24 hours  

This humorous article lists out a number of tasks necessary to "clone delicious". They are all in good faith, and he tries to make the case that cloning delicious is a harder task than it would seem at first sight.

  • Account system
    • Database to hold accounts
    • SSL certificate
    • Decide on the ORM
    • User model validation
    • Lost password flow


Someone should introduce Andre to the joys of Ruby on Rails programming. Most of the tasks on that list are covered by plugins and built-in framework features in Rails. A very small team (2-3) of competent and up-to-date Rails programmers should be able to plough through that task list without much trouble. They may not get every last little bit done, but most of it should be doable in 24 hours, and all of it within a typical Launch48 event.

Technologies like Rails and others make it ever more possible for small teams (or even one-man bands) to create one or even several startup products within very short periods of time.

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