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Playtomic, one-man show, racks up billions of events  

Impressive that this site, which, as far as I can tell, is run by just one person (Ben Lówry), had to deal with scaling issues the likes of which most startup teams struggle with. And, from the looks of it, he dealt with them all.

In January this year Playtomic logged an amazing 5 million views and a total of just over 40 million events. At that point Playtomic was still known as SWFStats and had only recently left my friend Brian's server where I was initially borrowing space. It was also ugly, stupid, and slow, but damn I thought that was a big number. 40 million events.

12 months later...

At this point over 300 million events a day, or approximately 300x what I was doing at the start of the year, are passing through the system and I look forward to laughing at that "cute little number" this time next year as we smash it and every other record Playtomic has along the way.

From 15 events per second to 3.5k events per second. That's some scaling.

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