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Deploying like a pro  

This is a good overview of basic deployment practices that any self-respecting startup should have in place, namely staging servers, source control, and automated deployment workflows.

If you aren't lucky enough to work at a company that has good engineering in its very DNA, you're likely to not know much about them.

My main quibble with this would be that you don't have to work at a top tech company to know this stuff. Anyone in the Rails community, with its emphasis on testing, obsession with git, and Capistrano, will be aware of all those concepts.

Many corporations, like banks or consulting companies, which are not strictly technology-focused, will also be very well acquainted with these practices, and many others that help deliver robust software (which is not to say they're always applied rigorously).

That said, if you have any doubt about staging servers, source control or automated deployment workflows, read the article.

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