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Startup Ideas Every Nerd Has (That Never Work)  

Rather than point to the article itself, I found this Hacker News comment far more insightful:

I hope I don't come across as negative here, but I hate lists like this.

People are always raining on each others' ideas

"Oh, what, you're going to make a myspace clone?" Bahahahaha (facebook)

"Oh, what, you're going to make a facebook clone?" Bahahahaha." (twitter)

"Oh, what, you're going to make another dating website? Bahahahaha." (Okcupid, plentyoffish)

"Oh, what, you're going to make another social bookmarking website? Bahahahaha." (Reddit, digg, hacker news, etc.)

As I pointed out before, there are no new ideas. Everything of value has been done before in one form or another.

My advice: make 10 twitter clones and 20 abstracted ML frameworks. NOT doing this is like a running coach advising their runners not to waste their time jogging around their neighborhood because they're really not going anywhere anyway.

And my advice: try different things and see what sticks. If they're derivative of something out there, so much the better: you'll save yourself the time, cost and worry of being a trailblazer.

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