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Where Are All The Internet Sales Guys?  

I have a theory that most people that fit the requirements of a "Customer Acquisition Hacker" are likely trying to use this skill to their own advantage and not selling it to a company as an employee.

A successful early-stage startup is basically a product plus a market. If you're a competent hacker and can create the product, and then you're also a competent marketer and can drive quality traffic to it, why indeed would you do it for someone else?

In fact, a friend of mine does just that, and has done repeatedly for the several companies he founded. None of them are groundbreaking, but he's quite happy making several tens of thousands of pounds every month all by himself while following whatever schedule he pleases.

This job is really like a new breed of Internet Sales Guy in my mind and traditional engineering comp packages for this role doesn't make sense to me. We're looking for someone to join us, someone who has the mindset of a founder.

Here's another thought: if people who already know how to do this tend to work for themselves, why not look for bright but inexperienced hackers to fill these shoes (and teach them)?

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