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Here's what I'm involved in at the moment (other than this site)...


The purpose of GrantTree is to help companies both large and small to get funding from the government. Currently, we are focused on the R&D Tax Credits scheme for UK SMEs and large companies, but we are also looking Smart Grants and SEIS. If you're running a startup that builds stuff (software, hardware, or anything else that's basically your own product or framework), get in touch and let's chat.


Woobius is a project communication and collaboration hub for architects, like Basecamp for Architects. It's different from more generic tools like Basecamp and Huddle in that it's tailored to the needs of construction projects, which tend to have a lot more drawings and files flying around than typical projects, and need more rigorous version control procedures. It's different from other construction project hubs like Aconex and 4projects in that it's built for architects rather than contractors, it's easy and quick to learn and use, and it's priced much more competitively. Check it out


I'm an advisor to rLocums, an innovative website that help UK medical doctors to find GP locum work. Employers pay less, and locums earn more as it cuts out expensive fees that a locum agency would charge as a middleman.


danieltenner.com is my other blog. I am currently figuring out how this and swombat.com fit together, but I suspect most of my blogging activity will be on here from now on.

Public speaking

Once upon a time, I was terrified of public speaking. Nowadays, it is still something that scares me (my pulse rises up to 150 just before giving a talk), but it's something I enjoy and want to do as often as possible. I've spoken at some larger events (ChristmasCrunch, for one... but the recording quality is terrible), and at a number of others since. If you are running an event that I have some relevance to, and are looking for a speaker, let me know.

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