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There are 4 primary ways to get more swombat.com into your life:

By email

The easiest way, which I recommend, is to sign up for the email list. You'll get every post as soon as it's out, and can unsubscribe any time you want. You can subscribe easily by clicking here and entering your email.

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The second best way is to subscribe to my RSS feed. This is good if you're the kind of person who actually knows what RSS is. If you are that type of special person, you can find the RSS feed here.

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By Twitter

Although Twitter is popular, I like it less as a way to subscribe to a website, simply because you will naturally miss out on a lot of content, because of Twitter's naturally high noise levels. However, one thing that you can get on Twitter and nowhere else is my "RePost" tweets, which highlight, 4 times a day, some awesome posts from the Founder's Library. If you like that, you should follow me on twitter here.

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By clicking around!

Finally, you can get a whole lot more swombat.com into your life by simply following the "More articles" links at the bottom of every article. They point to random articles from the Founder's Library (there are over 400 articles in there as of January 2012, with more being added weekly). But if you do that, be sure to take notes so you actually remember something of what you've read.

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