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For you

This site exists to save you time.

I go and find the best startup articles for you, so you can get your daily dose of top quality advice from the leading minds of the startup world, without spending all day browsing the web. subscribe to this site, and let me do the work for you.

From me

This site is my attempt to capitalise on the countless hours I spend absorbing and processing information every week.

I browse Hacker News, I keep an eye on Twitter, I hang around on IRC, and I follow a number of quality RSS feeds... out of these and other sources, I get a constant flow of top quality articles about startups and information relevant to startups. I often find myself recommending these to friends or posting them on Hacker News. I decided to create swombat.com, first of all, to have a place to put these links, along with some added insight about each link.

For the many people who've never heard of me, I am Daniel Tenner. I've founded several startups (see "projects" link on the left), and I've been blogging for a few years now, and am an avid contributor on Hacker News. I'm an iPhone and MacbookPro toting geek, a Rails programmer, and a general fan of cool gadgets, technology, but also great literature, music, and movies.

Obvious parentage

Most readers will be familiar with DaringFireball.net, and will see that this site is really rather similar, in general design principles, format, and so on.

I really like DaringFireball, and I read it every day - it's one of the few RSS feeds that I really do read (well, except for the baseball articles). DaringFireball manages to keep me updated on all the interesting things happening to Apple, Google, and the rest, point out some awesome bits of content, and yet at the same time not waste my time. Because this is the goal of this site (bring all the good startup stuff to your attention without wasting your time), I have unashamedly copied a number of design decisions, such as the little link stars and general layout and philosophy of the site.

In the spirit of XForY, this is "Daring Fireball for Startups".

Thanks to John Gruber for pioneering the format.

Final notes on the site

This site runs on Rails 3, and is custom-written from scratch. I will release the source code at some point, so that others can make their own versions of it, but it's not ready yet. I use Nginx and Passenger on a HostEurope 1GB VPS.

If you spot any bugs, do let me know. If those bugs are to do with incompatibilities with any version of IE, Install Chrome Frame.

If you came here looking for geeky articles about rails and other similar stuff, please check out geek.swombat.com - I moved the old Posterous there.

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