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The Toolbox: From idea to launch in 10 hours  

The Toolbox is a great little project by Sacha Greif that seems to be "sticking", so to speak. Sacha describes how he built the site in 10 hours:

I realized that there was no such list available yet (or at least, that I knew of) and it seemed like the perfect week-end project. Never mind that it was actually wednesday, that's just one of the perks of being self-employed!


The thing is, we're so busy with client projects and bigger undertakings that we rarely fully exercise those skills. For once, I wanted to have an idea and just do it, instead of writing it down in "the List of Doom" (you know, that list of all the great ideas you've had that will never see the light of day).

Great write-up. Have a read here.

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