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People will do what they want to do  

In the "what do normal people do with computers?" register (which we already saw some time ago here), here's an jaw-dropping example of how normal people will circumvent limitations of hardware and software to get their jobs done.

And if they can't circumvent them, they'll just not use it.

The headwaiter then picked up what Richard first thought must be some kind of new, electronic touch-pen, and moved it toward the screen. Richard is a tech savvy Internet entrepreneur, and therefore quite curious about what kind of new gadget they used at this restaurant. So he leaned in and looked a little closer ... and suddenly realized that it was a perfectly ordinary whiteboard felt-tip pen. The headwaiter just draw an "X" over their booking, directly on the computer screen!

Drawing X's on the screen and wiping them off at the end of the evening. Genius.

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