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GoDaddy and JotForm  

Startup JotForm has had their site suspended due to some user-generated content that someone complained about. This is a big deal for them. If the domain stays down long enough (and it probably will), their business is toast - all this based on some random complaint from "the secret service" that they seem not to have had a chance to answer.

Wait a minute, you say, I thought SOPA didn't pass?

Actually, if you host your domain with GoDaddy, you live in a post-SOPA world already where your domain can be taken down without due process based on complaints about user-generated content.

As someone on Hacker News put it:

Seriously. I was prepared to be sympathetic until I saw GoDaddy's involvement. Jotform chose to use a despicable company with a long history of behaving in this way. They shouldn't be surprised when they're the next to get screwed.

That's perhaps a bit strong, as are the calls to use only non-US registrars. I don't think the fact that they're US-based is the main factor. If Google was a registrar, you could probably trust them not to bend over at the first request to shut down a domain.

That being said, hosting with GoDaddy is pretty silly given their repeated offenses against both decency and free speech. If you're hosting with GoDaddy, transfer your domains off today.

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