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Email options

I've added some more granularity to the email subscriptions.

Change your options!

First of all, there is now a "change your options here" link at the top and bottom of every email (which you can see now if you're getting this by email). This enables you to set one of three flags:

  1. Receive full length articles
  2. Receive linked posts
  3. Receive reposts

By default, only the first one is enabled. This is because I suspect that most people who subscribe are interested in the full length articles, and don't want to receive more than 1 email a day. Over the last week I realised that one of the things that slowed down/stopped my posting was the fear of spamming email subscribers with articles that weren't "important" enough. The full length articles never have that problem, but the shorter ones... well, it feels more risky.

If you want to get the linked posts as well as the full articles, you need to change your options now.

If you want a full blast of startup articles every day, just turn on all the options. You will get at least 4 reposts emailed to you every day, and probably 1 full length article and up to 4 linked posts. A sensible setting is probably to get just the full length articles and linked posts.

A new sender

I've also updated the "sender" of swombat.com articles to be daniel@swombat.com rather than the highly impersonal subscriptions@swombat.com. Feel free to reply if you have some thoughts about any article that is being posted, linked to or reposted!

What's still missing?

Daily and weekly batching is still on the todo list. It will happen, thus giving you the option to get all of your swombat.com in a single daily or weekly email. Give me some time, though, I've been incredibly busy for the last few weeks.

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