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Dealing with conflicts in your business  

Would you believe it, startup founders are human beings, and face the same kinds of difficult human issues that the rest of the world faces.

The techniques that Dr. Jared Scherz outlines work for situations other than those found in startups. They work, in fact, for many difficult situations. In particular, stepping outside your immediate situation to look at it objectively is a powerful technique for dealing with conflicts.

So take a moment and step back before reacting to people or situations. Ask yourself what is going on inside you to trigger your feelings. Consider what is driving the actions or inactions of others around you. Scan the team to see how people are working together and what the underlying causes are for problems. Base your responses on what emerges through your awareness to prevent impulsive decision making. As the CEO you are responsible for attending to the processes of your startup, not simply executing a wonderful product or service.

Worth a read if you feel you could use a primer in how to deal with conflicts in your business.

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