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Your product is not the product  

Ash Maurya, entrepreneur and author of Running Lean, makes the point that your business model is the product that you're building, and follows with a systematic method for developing a business model.

More than just a method, which may or may not work for you today, there's a deep insight at the end of this article:

As entrepreneurs we view the world with a strong solution bias. Once we acknowledge that the solution is not the whole product and that we don't need to pretend to believe our made up answers, we shift from pitching to learning - from other people.

I believe the true benefit of creating a business model/plan is only realized when it facilitates learning from other people.

The things that are most likely to kill your startup are not the things you include in your business plan/model. They're the things you entirely forget to account for because you don't even realise they will be a problem.

Using your business plan or model as a source of ideas to discuss with more experienced entrepreneurs sounds like a great idea.

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