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How to build and maintain momentum  

Jocelyn K Glei starts off with a relatively weak point (losing momentum can be temporary), but overall, this article provides some good and practical advice for how to build momentum, which applies to both personal development and startups:

1 - Know that momentum takes time to build.

Don't expect to go at full speed from day one. Instead, set less ambitious goals first, then progressively build up from those to full speed.

2 - Carve out a consistent block of time to work on your project.

3 - Work on your project every day.

Consistency of effort is a greater differentiator than brilliance or talent, when it comes to eventual success. Quantity always beats quality, so get on a schedule and make stuff.

4 - Once you really get some momentum going, don't be afraid.

It's oh-so-easy to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. When things really pick up, they can feel overwhelming and scary. Keep building up the momentum.

I'd add a final point:

5 - Be prepared for the fall.

It is when you are at the peak of your game, and most comfortable that things are going well, that you are most likely to miss a really serious problem developing. So, always keep your eye on the ball to minimise the chances of a disaster, and be prepared for it in case it does happen anyway.

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