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Patrick McKenzie's work on the Fog Creek website  

Patrick McKenzie is a well respected figure on Hacker News, an expert on SEO and micro-businesses. So it's worth paying attention when he takes the time to go through the SEO and conversion strategy of an established player like FogCreek, founded by the famous Joel Spolsky.

This in-depth article goes into quite a bit of detail as to what he did to improve the FogBugz site. It's very instructive and interesting.

The biggest change from our work together has been getting Fog Creek onboard with a simple proposition: the website is a shipping software product of the company. It deserves the same level of attention to detail, monitoring, focus, and internal resources that Fog Creek's other software products get. It has now moved from a detail of the yearly release focus to a known target for ongoing improvement, and the Creekers who are leading that charge are continuing to make major progress on it.

It's also worth noting the quiet little announcement in the article of a FogCreek Guide, where it looks like they will be collecting their own timeless articles.

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