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How to approach and make introductions to a VC  

Solid advice from Charlie O'Donnell about what makes him tick in terms of introductions and approaches by entrepreneurs. Some interesting quotes:

At the same time, don't try and overthink what I might find interesting or not. That's my job, and half the companies we've wound up investing in are probably things you'd never think we'd go for.


In person time is precious. I have a limited amount of it, and more importantly, so does the entrepreneur. When you add up the time it takes for them to get to my office and back, if I already know I'm not going to get there on something, the last thing I want to do is to take up that much time from an entrepreneur. So, don't be put off or disappointed if you can't get the in person--I'm really just trying to respect your time.

And finally:

Whenever an early stage entrepreneur tells me they're not raising capital, I always say, "Ok, well, I was going to give you $2mm on $20mm pre, but since you're not raising..." You're always raising--it's just a question of at what price.

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