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Facebook ads: cheap traffic?  

Imran Ghory:

For the last four months Facebook Ads have been the single best source for paid traffic for my startup CoderStack - I pay less for better converting traffic.


The important column to look at is CPC as that's how much we're paying per ad click, the worst performing advert was at £0.58 and the best performing was at £0.003. That's a difference of 200x. For those of you who aren't familiar with buying ads, a CPC of below £0.03 is practically unheard of on any other ad platforms, and what we're getting on Facebook is 10 times cheaper than that.

I look forward to Imran's article on how to go about optimising your ads for Facebook (if he wants to share his secret recipe), but certainly, the numbers are convincing. £0.03 per click works out at over 16'000 hits for £50.

Overall engagment seems to be fairly high, on par with organic search traffic. Bounce rate was 35%, and non-bounce visitors viewed an average of 4.5 pages. For CoderStack the figures are in the same sort of ballpark.

Most companies would kill for targeted search traffic at this price.

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