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Announcing the Founder's Library  

Believe it or not, this site only launched very late last year, on November 30th 2010. Since then, I've linked to or posted 382 articles. Some of them are news or opinion pieces, and are really only worth reading when they've just come out. Others provide more lasting value. I wouldn't quite call them evergreens (this can only be really decided 50 years later), but they are definitely things which I think are useful for startup founders to read and think about.

Almost every article that I pick to is worth reading, then, but not all are worth reading forever.

One of my ambitions in creating this site has been to provide a hand-picked library of the best startup articles out there, with a strong focus on founders of early stage startups, since they are the ones most in need of advice, and often most disconnected from sources of advices like mentors and peers.

The Founder's Library

So, without further ado, here is the Founder's Library, which you can find linked to on the left. Every article there (226 so far) is hand-picked to provide people who are or want to be startup founders with either actionable advice, useful insight, or practical tools and techniques. Where relevant, I've added what insights I could. This is the advice that I wish I'd had when I got started with my first company, four years ago.

Check it out now - you might find interesting things that you missed or want to read again.

One of the objectives of this library is to provide a starting point for founders, somewhere they can go to start on the steep and long learning curve of the startup world. So feel free to point people this way when they say they want to learn more about startups.

One thing that I will also do, starting now, to help populate this founders' library, is to change my approach of posting only new articles. There is much value in older articles - most of what is worth reading was not written in the last few months! So, from now on, I will start picking out excellent articles and resources, linking to them, and adding them to the library.

I hope people find this useful. If you do, feel free to let me know! If you don't, let me know too! Constructive criticism is always welcome.

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